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Project mission

For too long, ownership of fast-casual Italian franchises has been dominated by the capricious whims of the fiat system. That’s why we’re enabling anyone to trustlessly mint a nonfungible token representing 1 of 880 real franchises in the United States.

Our goal was to bootstrap a community of pasta-and-breadsitck enthusiasts, which is the franchise mint price was tethered to the reasonable cost of a Tour Of Italy entree ($19.99, as of Dec 20, 2021).

Missed out on minting a franchise? You can browse them on Zora or become part of the family by minting unlimited complimentary breadsticks. And everyone is welcome to come join our Discord for some good conversation over a hot bowl of minestrone.

Technical specifications

Every NFOG franchise is an ERC-721 token mirroring one real-world franchise location. Images are programatically generated with a variety of 9 delicious backgrounds including fettucini alfredo, chicken marsala, and more. Metadata and images are distributed on IPFS.

Breadsticks are ERC-721 tokens numbered in the order minted. Breadstick metadata is stored on-chain with images distributed on IPFS.

Never-Fungbile Pasta Plates are ERC-721 tokens numbered in the order minted and available for free to franchise holders. Plate metadata is stored on-chain with images distributed on IPFS.


NFOG is a community-driven movement aspiring to revolutionize the fast-casual crypto space. We've unfortunately had to put our roadmap on hold indefinitely, but these were our original goals:


Does this confer ownership of or investment in a real franchise?

While every NFOG references a real franchise, ownership is currently limited to the NFOG Metaverse, granting owners no rights or privileges in meatspace franchises. This may change in the future (see roadmap).

Is this affiliated with any restaurant chain?

No. We are simply a community of fans invested in both trustless future economies and delicious, reasonably-priced Italian fare.

So am I buying a picture of a franchise?

No. Token artwork is for representation only and confers no ownership over the photograph. You're not purchasing art, you're purchasing ownership of an NFOG franchise.

One of the photos is wrong or out of date.

We've done our best to verify the accuracy of the images used, but there may be discrepancies.

Can I buy a specific franchise?

The initial mint of franchises is random and you're unable to select a location. You can browse franchises that have already been minted on Zora and make offers there.

The breadsticks are really free?

Yes. Breadsticks will remain free and unlimited in perpetuity. You will have to pay gas fees to mint them, but these fees go to miners, not to us.