Pasta Plates

Mint a plate
880 plates total
For franchise owners only
Plates are only available for NFOG franchise owners. Limit one plate per franchise.
Refill your plate
Unlimited refills
Choose your pasta!

Welcome to the NFOG Pasta Faucet

In late 2021, we launched an ambitious movement to bring together our two great loves: delicious fast-casual italian food and decentralized economies. To say thank you to all our franchisees for sticking with us over these tumultuous months, we're giving away Never-Fungible Pasta Plates to all franchise owners for free. These exclusive plates will never be sold or offered to the public.

Technical specifications

NFPPs are the world's first ERC-721-compliant NFTs that can be refilled with new pastas and topped with fresh parmesan in perpetuity. Images are distributed on IPFS. All other metadata is stored on-chain. Owners are welcome to refill their pasta plates at any time, which will update the image and metadata. Each plate is numbered in the order minted. There are 880 total, one for each NFOG franchise.


How do I get a Never-Fungible Pasta Plate?

NFPPs can only be claimed by current NFOG franchise owners. They will never be sold or offered to the public. You must mint a plate using the same address that owns a franchise.

How many plates do franchisees get?

NFOG franchise owners can mint one plate per franchise. Once a franchise has been used to mint a plate, it cannot be used to mint another one.

Does minting a plate burn or transfer my franchise?

No. During minting you must choose which of your franchises to redeem. This is just to ensure that only one plate is minted per franchise. You'll retain your franchise.

How much do plates cost?

Plates are free for franchise owners. You'll have to pay gas fees, but these go to miners, not to us.

How do I refill my plate?

Click the big "refill" button at the top of this page. You'll be able to change your pasta and add as much fresh-ground parmesean as you'd like. Once you place your transaction, your plate will be updated. To see the update on platforms like OpenSea, you may have to refresh the token's metadata.

How much do refills cost?

Refills are free forever. You will have to pay gas fees however.

Can plates be transferred to addresses that don't own franchises?

Yes. Once you mint a plate you're free to do what you like with it.

Will this get shut down too?

We hope not. All images for the NFPP are purchased from royalty-free collections.

Is this affiliated with Olive Garden?

No. We continue to be a community of fans invested in both trustless future economies and delicious, reasonably-priced Italian fare.